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Life's great when you experience the joys of hearing well. Everything is vibrant, from high-fidelity music or the sounds of nature to having a meaningful conversation with a group of people. At AudioClinic, we call this living in full colour.

In contrast, those living with untreated hearing loss or in need of hearing aids, can often feel isolated and experience the world in muted tones, impacting on relationships and quality of life.

Our passion is to restore the joys of hearing to help you reconnect with the colourful world around you. If you're concerned about hearing loss, this site will provide you with information and the next steps to resolve any auditory issues.

Get immediate feedback with our online hearing test or book for a more in-depth, free assessment at one of our clinics across Australia.

First Steps to Auditory Health

The first step is to realise you're not alone. More than one-in-six people in Australia have hearing loss and that figure is set to increase to one-in-four by 2050. While common across all age groups, more than half of all seniors (aged between 55 and 70 years) are affected.

The next step is to talk to AudioClinic. We're experts in hearing loss and provide testing, information and treatment solutions suited to each client. We understand the issues and we'll find the right solution to fit your budget and lifestyle.

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Understanding auditory health is important, whether to protect against early loss or to restore the ability to determine clear sound and comprehend speech. Make AudioClinic your source for qualified information and personalised health care. We are a premium service provider dedicated to building life-long relationships with our clients.

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About us - As leading audiologists in Australia we've helped hundreds-of-thousands of clients with tinnitus treatments, hearing tests, loss and aids. We're committed to service excellence and invite you to read more about our company and how we can help you.

Hearing loss - Find out what it is and get a quick online assessment of your aural health. Find out more about:

  • Understanding - Prevention and treatment solutions

  • Types - Tinnitus causes, treatments and cures as well as other types of impairment

  • Testing - Access our online assessment

  • Helping others - Understanding and helping others with hearing loss, tests and aids

  • General information

Hearing aids - Featuring the most advanced technology available and with styles to suit your personal preference there's no need to feel self conscious about wearing hearing aids. Find out more about:

  • Range - We offer a broad range of instruments form the simplest to the most advanced. Choose from behind the ear, in the ear or custom instruments. Custom instruments are individually tailored, come in a range of skin-tone colours and various sizes.

  • Costs - Hearing aid prices and affordability

  • Free services and rebates for pensioners, veterans and private healthcare members

  • Ongoing care - tips to get the most from your hearing aid and batteries

Healthcare professionals - Information for our professional partners

Locations, book a free assessment - Find our audiologists around Australia or a hearing clinic near you

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Take control of your auditory health and enjoy your life. Our friendly team will listen to your concerns, carryout professional testing and provide personalised solutions to help you reconnect with the colourful world around you. Take our online hearing test or book a free assessment at AudioClinic today.