What a Hearing Test Involves

A hearing test takes place in a sound-proofed room or cubicle and usually involves 4 easy steps

The clinicians will start playing sounds that start at a bass tone and work up to treble tone. They will ask you to push a button when you hear each sound.
Each time you press the button, the clinicians will plot your results which will enable them to ascertain your hearing range.
Once your type and degree of hearing loss has been determined, your clinicians will be able to decide how much amplification you will need.
They may then show you a range of instruments appropriate for your individual hearing loss and together you can decide what is right for you.

Where to from here?

You can attend a no cost appointment* to have your hearing checked by a qualified local AudioClinic Clinician at your closest Hearing Clinic. Here are a few helpful things you should know and remember it may be helpful to bring someone with you on the day of the check too;

  • The hearing check is simple, fast and at no cost to you
  • Our service is obligation free
  • You may not need a hearing aid but if you do don’t worry hearing aids aren’t bulky and heavy anymore – our latest state of the art advancements mean that hearing aids can be completely hidden in the ear canal or discreetly placed behind the ear.
  • Government subsidies, health fund rebates and flexible payment options may be available to assist in making hearing solutions more affordable. Start your journey to improve your hearing by booking a no cost Hearing Check* at an AudioClinic near you.