Our Client Stories

Get a new life!

Although I was aware for some years prior that I had a hearing problem, I was in denial. It was only when I started a new job and had difficulty with normal conversation and answering the phone that I realised the extent of my hearing loss. Having been told years before that aids would not help with my particular hearing problems, I was surprised when I was told that they would help. I was so grateful for the information and assistance given to me by the staff at AudioClinic in both choosing the type of hearing aid for me and in the use of them generally. It has made a huge difference, I no longer avoid conversations with other staff, and I converse with more confidence and can actually hear what a movie is about. I would recommend hearing aids to anyone suffering hearing loss as they really do make a difference to your life.
– Christine (59), Rileys Hills, NSW Helped By Ballina Clinic

Take the plunge – have a test!

The initial examination is very simple. I just sat in a sound booth and the Audiologist sent sounds through a pair of headphones. When you hear sounds, you just press a buzzer and your response is recorded on your graph. It’s worthwhile to know that help is there just for you.
– Beverley (81), East Hill NSW, Helped By Bankstown Clinic

Celebrating the joys of hearing

Being a little vain, I was delighted to see how tiny the aids were – I could even hide them under my hair. After getting frustrated for many years of not hearing, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I walked out with my new aids in. They are great! More people should go ahead instead of saying I don’t need them (when they do). They are missing out!
– Ann (78), Curtin, ACT Helped By Canberra Clinic

It’s not always easy but wow, it was worth it

I lost my INO hearing aid in the pool. 2 days later it was recovered and the clinic placed it in their ‘chamber’ for 4 minutes and it works – what a great device!

– Jim From Uraidla (84), SA Helped By Fullarton Clinic