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Hearing forum tackles hearing aid stigma

Hearing loss is a common condition in Australia, with approximately 3.5 million people suffering from some form of hearing impairment. This equates to roughly one in every six Australians dealing with the condition on a daily basis. Despite these figures, the stigma attached to hearing...

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Turning up TV could be an indicator of hearing loss

While many of us use the television for entertainment and education, this household commodity could be an indicator of something more. According to a study commissioned by International Hearing Institute Cochlear Limited, 67 per cent of those suffering from hearing loss turn up the television....

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Too few young Australians caring for hearing

Young Australians are ignoring the signs and not looking after their hearing, according to research commissioned by International Hearing Institute Cochlear Limited. The study, released August 25 during this year’s hearing awareness week, shows nearly one in three Australians aged 18-34 have never even had...

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