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Hearing aid accessories: Your hearing aid doesn’t have to be a burden

People typically look at hearing loss one of two ways. They may embrace their condition full on, with no fear! They just want a hearing solution that will get them back to tip-top shape. But others are a bit more timid – they shy away from getting the proper care they need because of the stigma around hearing aids. Many believe hearing aids are a sign of old age, and view it as disability. Truth is, hearing loss affects people of all ages, and at any time.

The air might now be clear about how hearing loss can happen to anyone, but that doesn't address the whole stigma. It's often a concern for many that a hearing aid will hinder aspects of every day life. Well, that's not necessarily the case.

Modern devices can fit every personality

Modern technology has developed some pretty incredible devices that fit into your ear – and life – seamlessly. Better yet, there are some pretty agreeable accessory features that transform your hearing solution into a device with similar capabilities to a personal wireless headset. 

Oticon's ConnectLine allows you to communicate better as it offers the most connectivity opportunities ever provided in one system. This is all done through the Streamer Pro, aka your personal remote, that picks up audio signals, transmitting them right to your ears.

Never miss a beat with ConnectLine.Never miss a beat with ConnectLine.

Let's review all the things your hearing aid can connect to when you use ConnectLine.

ConnectLine Phone

Hands-free calling has never been easier. You can use both your home and cell phones so you never miss any call that comes through.

ConnectLine TV

Never blast the ears of loved ones again, because now you can connect to the TV and listen to shows and movies at a comfortable volume. It's like having your own personal speaker system.

ConnectLine Microphone

Imagine a world in which you don't have to ask someone to repeat themselves when engaging in conversations when you use the microphone feature.

All of these accessories are controlled via an app on your cell phone – at the end of the day, you might actually feel like a modern day spy of sorts!

If you're ready to explore your hearing loss solution, click here to request a no cost* hearing test or give one of our AudioClinic clinicians a call at 1800 646 168. Don't forget, with all the convenient accessories that ConnectLine hearing loss doesn't have to be scary.

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