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Why buy Danish designed products?

Apart from the advice and help of a professional clinician, one of the most important factors when dealing with hearing loss is to ensure your hearing aids are some of the best in the world.

AudioClinic is committed to providing the best possible service and products. AudioClinic recommends Danish-designed and built hearing aids for superior performance.

Despite its relatively small size and population, Denmark is known as a world leader for design and innovation across a broad range of industries – particularly in healthcare.

The country has presented numerous impressive statistics in this department and their aptitude in this field is setting for solid growth in the future.

Denmark has one of the world’s highest levels of scientific excellence, according to information published by Europa, the advocate for European Union members. The country has a ratio of 17.5 per cent of national publications on research and development to the 10 per cent of the most highly-cited in the world.
Additionally, the country is one of the best in the world in terms of talent for creating such high quality products. On a chart demonstrating the scope of readily skilled workers available from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the country is ranked as the highest above Ireland, Finland, Sweden and many others.

The Ministry also highlights how research institutions in the country constantly score well on global league tables, with its extensive research facilities for product innovation and technology and continuing to demonstrate a strong relationship between industry experts and as well as talented researchers and designers.

Denmark is one of the world’s most renowned hearing aids manufacturers and their intensive research and development with a focus on the users’ experiences and maintaining the opportunity to continue to lead an active and quality lifestyle

With such high standards of research, innovation and design all resulting in world-class products, AudioClinic is proud to align world-class service and care with Danish-made hearing aids.

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