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Winner of $20,000 prize announced

AudioClinic are delighted to announce that Patrick McCarten has won a $20,000 travel voucher for him and his partner.

The prize was on offer at AudioClinic stores across the country. Mr McCarten won the voucher at the Wagga Wagga store.

He booked an appointment when he noticed a slight change in his hearing.

“As it turned out I only had minor issues that could be managed,” he said.

A quick 30 minute check up by clinician Brad Claydon revealed very slight hearing loss.

“But I could tell where he may find troubles with his hearing in the future [and] show him preventative strategies for longevity in his hearing health,” said Mr Claydon.

As well as getting a bill of good hearing health, Mr McCarten was also lucky enough to walk out the door with a $20,000 bounty to be spent at Harvey World Travel.

If you notice any of the following signs of hearing loss, simply call 1800 280 981 or click to book a no cost hearing test at your local AudioClinic – you never know what you might walk out with!

Signs of hearing loss:

– You have difficulty understanding people when they talk to you on the phone

– Or when they speak to you in a noisy environment, such as a restaurant or when the TV is on in the background

– People’s voices sound muffled, or they seem to be mumbling all the time

– It is hard to follow a conversation when two or more people are talking at once

– Your family and friends have complained you have the TV or radio turned up too loudly

– It is particularly hard to understand the voices of women and children

– You have found yourself misunderstanding people and responding inappropriately to questions asked

– People get annoyed when you don’t understand what they are saying

– And when you have to ask them to repeat themselves

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