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Why do people wait years after a hearing loss diagnosis to seek treatment?

Published Date: January 13th 2015

Rates of hearing loss increase as the population ages, yet only one-fifth of people who could benefit from treatment and care seek help for their hearing problems. This is according to a report titled ‘Untreated Hearing Loss in Adults—A Growing National Epidemic’, published by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association1.

The report says hearing aid users wait an average of more than 10 years after initially being diagnosed with hearing loss to have their first pair of hearing aids fitted1. This may be due to the slow onset of age-related hearing loss, which some people consider to be a normal part of ageing. In turn, this can lead people to ignore their hearing loss, despite it being easily identified and helped with a hearing test.

The impact of hearing loss varies from person to person, and can be affected by the onset rate of the loss, its severity, the regular communication demands an individual faces and his or her personality1. The report shows that hearing amplification and the use of hearing aids can positively affect the user’s quality of life, along with his or her significant other. It also says that social/emotional, cognitive and communication functions can be improved after hearing aids are fitted1.

Not only do hearing aid users experience an improved quality of life after being fitted with their devices, but their significant others gain satisfaction from the support and education surrounding hearing loss treatment1.

This research shows how important it is to monitor your hearing health and get yearly check-ups to ensure your quality of life is as positive as possible. You can do this by clicking here to book a no cost* hearing test or start by talking with an AudioClinic Clinician on 1800 646 168.

1 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Untreated Hearing Loss in Adults—A Growing National Epidemic. Accessed January 13 2015. Can be accessed here.

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