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Top 3 food trends to try this winter

Looking for a bit of meal inspiration? Why not dive right into the culinary world by trying out one of the trends that are taking
Australia – and the world – by storm?

Dining in the dark

When you try out this trend, you might want to wear older clothes, as things can get a little messy! It involves eating your meal in a pitch black room, where you will have to grope around the table in search of cutlery.

This trend has become popular, however, and it is believed to enhance your other senses, from taste to hearing.

Food trucks

Even spawning its own movie, Chef, the food truck movement is here to stay. These mobile food vendors cook up and serve all kinds of dishes, from veggie burgers and organic gourmet pizzas through to soft tacos and kingfish ceviche.

While often previously the domain of carnivals and sports events, these trucks can often be found in office complexes, industrial parks or even in car parks – wherever they can find potential

Food trucks represent the new urban food revolution that highlights the social experience of meal times as much as it is about the delicious treats being dished up.

If you have a favourite food truck, you might be able to head over to social media to track its whereabouts and even see what it is serving up!

Interactive theatre dining

Part-game, part-meal, an interactive dining experience allows you to get hands on as you enjoy a night out.

Enjoy a performance as you tuck into a delicious three-course meal. Get ready for audience participation as these shows are often unscripted or in some cases can rely on the audience to collectively solve a mystery.

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