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What apps can you use to help your hearing?

Did you know, there are apps that can help with your hearing and speech?

It's rare that you'll find someone out and about nowadays who doesn't carry least one item of technology. Whether a mobile phone or hearing aids, technology lends a helping hand in many aspects of life.

For those with changes in their hearing, they might employ the use of hearing aids to help – some are so advanced that they're virtually invisible when worn! Of course, hearing aids aren't the only technological devices that can help with healthy hearing.

Here are some smartphone apps that have been proven quite useful.


The name of this app stands for Listening and Communication Enhancement, and was created specifically for that purpose. It works on all browsers and many smart devices, and is composed of training programmes lasting 20 minutes each to help someone with changes in their hearing develop communication strategies for specific situations.

This application has been proven to enhance listening potential by 30 per cent1, and can help give you the confidence needed for certain conversation situations you may find yourself in.


It's possible that words and sounds are interpreted differently if hearing loss is untreated for a significant amount of time. When equipped with hearing aids, it can be difficult to adjust to the sudden change in perceived noises.

Forbrain helps to train your brain in both auditory processing and sensory integration. You can even improve your own speech through the use of this app, which may have changed during your period of untreated hearing loss.

Your short-term memory is likely to improve, improving the quality of your reading, writing and conversations.

AB Clix

This handy little app helps those with hearing aids and cochlear implants, to distinguish the differences between vowels and consonants. It allows you to listen to small nuances in words, then repeat them back. There is even the option to add background noise, so you can incrementally increase your tolerance for listening to words accurately in a noisy area.

Of course, apps can only enhance what your hearing aids do, so it's important to make sure you are equipped with the right hearing devices. Click here for a no cost* hearing test, or call us on 1800 646 168.

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