Follow these steps if you know someone with hearing loss

The Signs of Hearing Loss

“Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that… would you mind saying it again?”

Maybe you’ve noticed that questions like that have become more frequent when spending time with a friend or family member but you find it difficult to assess whether they are struggling with a hearing loss. Here then, are a few more signs that may help you:

  • Do they complain about people mumbling?
  • Do they have difficulty hearing when someone calls them from another room?
  • Do they struggle to follow a conversation, especially when there maybe more than one person talking?
  • Do they become quieter than normal when in a social gathering?
  • Do you sense they’re lip-reading to understand a conversation?

These are all very common indicators that someone has a hearing loss and you are right to be concerned.

Luckily, the person you have in mind has you! And although they may be reluctant, never forget that you can make an amazing difference to both your lives by helping them take the first step to better hearing at AudioClinic.

Understanding their hearing

To understand someone’s quality of hearing, they can attend a no cost hearing check with a qualified AudioClinic Clinician, where they will listen to a range of tones in a sound proof booth and indicate when they hear them.

This quick hearing check with an experienced AudioClinic Clinician will identify, the degree of hearing loss (if there is any) and present the results and solutions straight away.

A hearing impairment may be described in terms of a degree of hearing loss. Here’s how this works:

  • Mild hearing loss
    Soft speech is difficult to hear, especially in noisy environments. A hearing aid will improve your hearing.
  • Moderate hearing loss
    Following a conversation in a noisy environment is problematic. Your TV and radio is turned up. You may need a hearing aid to communicate.
  • Severe hearing loss
    You ask people to repeat themselves with more volume frequently. A hearing aid will improve communication for you.
  • Profound hearing loss
    Hearing is difficult even with amplification. A hearing aid will allow you to communicate.

If left untreated, some signs and symptoms of hearing loss can get worse. These may include hearing deprivation on the brain, possible depression, feelings of isolation and discontent in social environments and most importantly distress due to missing out on communicating clearly with loved ones, friends, and colleagues effortlessly each day.

Help them take the next step.

Where to from here?

Make a no cost appointment for your friend or relative to have their hearing checked by a qualified local AudioClinic Clinician. Here are a few helpful things they should know, it would be great if you could read them and come on along on the day of the check too;

  • The procedure is simple, fast and is at no cost to you.
  • Our service is obligation free.
  • They may not need a hearing aid but if they do don’t worry hearing aids aren’t bulky and heavy anymore, our latest state of the art advancements mean that hearing aids can be completely hidden in the ear canal or discreetly placed behind the ear.
  • Government subsidies, health fund rebates and clinic discounts may be available to make treatment more affordable.

Join them on their journey to better hearing at a free appointment at your local AudioClinic.

Book a free* hearing check or send them this link to book a check themselves.

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