Workplace Hearing Loss

Exposure to loud noise is the most common and preventable of tinnitus causes and a key contributor to hearing loss and impairment in the workplace.In Australia, according to hearing clinic studies, occupational noise accounts for about 10 per cent of adult onset hearing loss.

Besides hearing loss, workplace noise is associated with tinnitus, cardiovascular disease, depression, increased accident risk and decreased productivity.

Unless there is a sudden loud noise such as an explosion, workplace hearing loss happens gradually with the person affected often the last one to know.

Co-workers or family members may spot the problem before you do, getting annoyed because you appear not to be listening or because you don’t respond when they call your name. You may find you have to look directly at people’s faces to understand what they are saying.

One way to avoid this is to regularly visit a hearing clinic to monitor your hearing health. At AudioClinic it takes less than an hour to get an accurate hearing evaluation.

Your Rights to Noise Protection

Federal Government Occupational Health and Safety regulations require that your employer protect you from excessive noise exposure. This includes taking measures designed to reduce tinnitus causes and the risk of hearing loss.

If you have to raise your voice to be heard at one metre, you are most likely working in a workplace where noise could be damaging your hearing. While damage cannot be reversed, tinnitus causes can be reduced and ear protection worn to reduce the risk of further exposure to noise.

Our hearing clinic staff can advise on other protective measures to protect your hearing health.

Rediscover Clear Sounds

As workplace hearing loss occurs gradually, our senses adapt to the change and we use other cues such as topic of conversation, time, place, speaker state and lip reading to communicate. When fitted with hearing aids, the world around suddenly becomes clear again.

If you have developed a moderate, profound or severe degree of hearing loss, our hearing clinic professionals may recommend hearing aids to help manage your workplace hearing loss and be fit to work. The most important requirement in the success of using an aid is the willingness to have one.

Some new hearing aid users may give up before giving themselves time to adapt. This is less confronting with quality, properly fitted instruments and support from our hearing clinic staff.

Get Checked Yearly

If you’ve been exposed to loud noise in your workplace, or you’re worried that your hearing is not as good as it used to be, contact AudioClinic today to book a no cost assessment*. If your workplace is very noisy, our hearing clinic staff may recommend a yearly test to compare results for changes over time.

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If you think you may have a hearing loss our advice would be to get your hearing checked with a no cost* hearing check-up at your local AudioClinic

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