I have a Seniors Card

I have a seniors card
Seniors Card holders receive reduced hearing aid prices at AudioClinic. We also offer discount hearing aid prices to National Seniors and RSL members.

  • That represents great savings at any of our hearing clinics Australia-wide and just one way we make it easier to maintain hearing health.
  • While most hearing clinics offer no-obligation hearing assessments, AudioClinic offers more – including unlimited free access to adjustments, advice and an-ongoing care plan.
  • Our seniors’ services are designed to assist those who may be funding their own health care and looking for the best value-for-money hearing services available.
  • You can be confident that we will recommend the best solution to suit your lifestyle, type of loss and budget.
  • Seniors may also be eligible for no cost assessments, reduced hearing aid prices and fewer out-of-pocket expenses through a range of health fund rebates and tax deductions.

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