On-Going Check Ups

Your relationship with our Clinicians at our hearing clinics continues beyond the initial testing and fitting of your hearing aids. Follow-up care includes ongoing Clinic visits to make certain your hearing aids continue to work as they should.

Our Audiologists, Audiometrists and Client Service Officers, Australia-wide, are passionate about ensuring your satisfaction with the hearing solutions we have recommended. The more you understand about your level of hearing loss and the solutions available, the greater the chances you will be completely satisfied with your investment.

Even the most high-priced hearing aid will disappoint if they are not the type or style best suited for your level of hearing loss. Our Clinicians around Australia and hearing clinic professionals are skilled at fitting and programming devices based on the results of your tests.

The most advanced equipment is available to make sure you hear with maximum clarity.

3 Years Premier Care Plan

Our Clinicians around Australia are dedicated to your long-term hearing health. We will teach you how to care for your devices at the time of your initial fitting, but we will also offer regular service and cleaning.

We also offer extra peace of mind with our Premier Care Plan. This plan provides added benefits to self-funded retirees or those still in the workforce who are not eligible for government assistance.

The Premier Care Plan includes:

  • Free batteries – Replacement batteries are free and easy to obtain, simply call or visit your nearest hearing clinic
  • VIP repair service – Free adjustments and speedy service so that you will never be without your device for extended periods
  • Loss and damage cover – Rarely covered under standard home contents insurance policies, we offer cover at no extra cost – 100 per cent cover during the first year, 50 per cent during the second year and 25 per cent during the third year
  • Free holiday cover – Insurance cover for wherever you go in the world
  • Loyalty discounts – Advances in technology or changes in your hearing or lifestyle may mean you want to upgrade your hearing aid. As a member of the Premier Care Plan, you’re entitled to generous discounts if you decide to upgrade; 30 per cent within one year of original purchase, 25 per cent within two years, 20 percent within three years, 15 percent within four years and 10 per cent within 5 years
  • Regular technology updates – To ensure you keep up with the latest advances, we’ll email you our newsletter on a regular basis. You can choose to opt out of this service

Your Experience is Important

Your experience in our hearing clinics is important to us. Our Clinicians around Australia are passionate about helping people to re-connect with the world around them and ‘hear in full colour’. Contact us today to find out more about our on-going care for you.