The Cost of Hearing Aids

Hearing aid prices are an important consideration when deciding on the best device to manage your hearing health.

To many, the ability to re-connect with the world around them and enjoy the company of family and friends is priceless. For others, hearing aid prices and the availability of hearing aid batteries is a primary concern.

AudioClinic understands that instrument choice will depend on many factors including:

  • Personal test results
  • Size of ear canal
  • Amount of ear wax
  • Whether one or two instruments are required
  • Lifestyle, habits and hobbies
  • Personal communication needs
  • Style or aesthetics of the instrument

It is essential that the device chosen suits your requirements. Hearing aid prices can range from subsidised (for those eligible for government assistance through the Department of Health) through to several thousand dollars for devices with advanced features.

The Cost of Hearing Aids will vary depending on whether you:

  • Are a pensioner or member of the armed services (active or retired)
  • Have private health insurance
  • Have a taxable income and lodge a tax return
  • Have loss as a result of occupational exposure to noise

AudioClinic Advantage

The cost of hearing aid
When you put your hearing health in our hands, you also get exceptional value for money and lifetime support. That is why AudioClinic stands out from our competitors.

These are just some of our value added benefits:

Extensive clinic network – We have more than 200 clinics nationwide making access to our services easy

Expert Clinicians – Our team will listen to your concerns, carry out professional testing and prescribe the most suitable device for your circumstances

Free ongoing care – Fitting your hearing aids is only the beginning. At AudioClinic, we provide adjustments, fine tuning and advice free of charge. We also stock hearing aid batteries for purchase.

Easy payment options – We have a range of plans to make your hearing solution even more affordable

Extended warranties – Four-year warranties are available on premium devices

No risk 30-day satisfaction guarantee – Ask your AudioClinic Clinician about our Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re Here to Help

Contact AudioClinic today to find out more about hearing aid prices and batteries. We are happy to help apply for government rebates, obtain assistance or explain our payment options. Click this link to book online for an appointment.