Audioclinic Gawler - AudioClinic

Audioclinic Gawler

86 Murray Street
Gawler, SA 5118
Phone: 08 8523 4455

Opening hours

Monday to Friday8:30am to 4:30pm

We are located 3 doors south of Terry White Chemist.

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Richard Piotrowski

Dip.Aud.Eng., B.HlthSci., M.Aud., MAUD/SA CCP

Having worked as a musician, songwriter, and producer in music studios for over 20 years, I bring my client’s a wealth of knowledge, and a deep understanding of how sound can enrich our lives.

Louis Ngo

B.HlthSci, MAud

I have been working as an Audiologist for almost a year. My interest is in Physiology and Anatomy, and along with personal history with ear issues, it brought my interests to pursue a career in Audiology.